Hello peeps! Today I wanna talk about something I have been loving recently and that has to be Aloe Vera. I’ve been interested in Aloe Vera for quite a long time since I saw a video on YouTube (here). I immediately fell in love with it and when I saw it on Amazon I had to buy it.

Anyhow Aloe Vera contains over 200 active components including vitamins (including vitamin E and C which are antioxidants), minerals, enzymes etc.. – no wonder humans have used it therapeutically for over 5000 years and it’s still used for such a wide range of remedies! It is soothing and it also cool and helps to ease the pain of a sunburn. In fact, Aloe Vera is an incredible medicinal plant full of nutritional benefits. Keep reading to know more about its powerful benefits.


First of all… What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe barbadensis Miller, mostly known as Aloe Vera is a succulent with bright yellow flowers and green leaves with spiny edges. The Aloe Vera gel is obtained from the inner part of the leaf. It’s more than just a houseplant — Aloe Vera is a natural healer, too.

The Egyptians called Aloe Vera the “plant of immortality”. Studies have shown that it has several properties that are effective in treating many skin conditions.
It has got antiviral and antibacterial properties that might treat dry and flaky skin, sunburns… It can also reduce wrinkles, erase stretch marks, heal wounds and treat acne!

The best way to use it would be to buy a fresh Aloe Vera leaf and take out the gel, but you can also buy Aloe Vera gel in some sort of store or even online (just like I did).

So let’s see some of the things Aloe Vera can do. For its beauty use, the opportunities are endless so I’m gonna list some of them that I’ve already tried.

  • It makes a powerful acne remover mask.
    Mix Aloe Vera gel with 1 tbsp of milk and 2 tbsp of sugar and your mask is ready! It not only works on acne scars and pimples but also moisturizes and brighten your face. It absorbs excess oil and cleanses clogged pores. Remember to clean your skin and remove all the dirt and makeup before you apply the mask.
  • Aloe Vera is also used as a night beauty treatment.
    I personally have used this one only once simply because I have oily skin and it doesn’t work very well on me. However, all you have to do is to mix pure Aloe Vera gel with three inches of cucumber and half an egg white for a hydrating mask you can wear to bed. My mom always does that and it does wonders on her skin!
  • It can be used alone as a face mask.
    First of all, you have to properly cleanse your skin and make sure to exfoliate it 2/3 times a week to remove all the dead cells. Now you can apply a layer of Aloe Vera gel on your face and neck. Rinse off after 30 minutes or you can also use it as a sleeping mask. This is my favorite one. I personally use it (almost) every day because that’s what works best for the type of skin I have.
  • It works amazing as an eyebrow gel.
    Let me just say that a combination of Aloe Vera and Castor Oil is more than amazing for your eyebrows! The grow back thicker than ever and it is amazing. Dip a clean mascara wand in your mixture of Aloe Vera gel and Castor Oil and then brush your brows with it. It takes time but the results are 100 % real.

Personally, I use Aloe Vera a lot. It has helped my skin so much I can’t even express my love for this product. I apply Aloe Vera every morning after I wash my face and again every night before I go to bed (when I’m not too tired do it obviously). At least I used to do that some months ago. Now with the new season, I’m trying to get into this routine again and I can’t wait to enjoy the benefits of this magical plant again!


The one that I use is from the brand Biorigins Skincare and I got it on Amazon. I’ve used it for 3 months and I love it. It’s pure Aloe Vera gel. If you want to buy it just be careful and try to get the chemical free one. It also has to be colorless so it doesn’t have any chemical added! So if it is green or brownish, do not buy it. However you can’t find 100% purity (if you do not take it out directly from the leaf) because it has to be well preserved but nothing less than 95% should satisfy you.


So as you can tell Aloe Vera will do wonders for you and your skin!
I can surely tell you that all of the things I have tried myself (and are listed here) are just a few of the possibilities. I’ll do an update as soon as I try new masks and combinations.

Leave your thoughts and comments down below and let me know if you have ever tried Aloe Vera or plan on doing it after this post!

Love, Mary.


14 thoughts on “THE BENEFITS OF ALOE VERA!”

  1. My mom used to cut aloe vera and just started rubbing it on her skin. I used to think it was gross, maybe because of how it looks like fresh from the plant itself. But as I was growing up, I learned the benefits of aloe vera and now I know why my mom has such amazing skin! I need to start doing what she’s doing, I suppose 😆

    Margherita Essa | ‪

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  2. Great post! I love aloe vera, it has definitely helped my skin through it’s breakouts! Another cool beauty hack is that I take a little bit of aloe vera gel and mix it with eyeshadow and it creates eyeliner! During the summer I was doing different colored liner, it was so fun! Thanks for sharing this information, love your blog!

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