Happy Halloween people! Just like many of you already know I’ll be spending this Halloween by my self and I have to admit that at first I thought it was just fine.
Yesterday I even forgot that today was going to be Halloween and my plans to have a cute and organized night at home are now ruined.
This morning I realized that I have nothing to do tonight and I bet ( well actually I hope) I’m not the only one. Now here we are. I’m writing this last minute/short post to inspire whoever is lonely, just like me, on Halloween.

halloween night in: what to do when you re home alone.png

Here it is a list of things where we can choose form.

1-Host a spooky movie night.
If you have friends in town call them and plan a last minute movie night! While if you are alone go on Netflix and plan your perfect movie night right now!
There are plenty of movies you can watch on Halloween from Halloweentown to The Corpse Bride but now I personally prefer going for a scary movie. So for me IT seems like a good idea. I’ve read many good reviews about it and tonight looks like the perfect night to watch it finally!

2- Bake something.
I think that baking cookies or muffins or whatever you want is a great thing to do on Halloween especially if you are going to be alone. Put on some music, get comfy, look up on Pinterest for a simple and easy recipe and you are ready to conquer the night!

3- Carve a Pumpking.
The most exciting thing to do on Halloween has to be this one. I love to carve pumpkins because it gives me the perfect chilly vibes. Also this is the traditional thing to do on Halloween! My original plan was to buy a pumpkin. However I obviously forgot. So now I don’t have a pumpkin to carve. But if you are not like me and you already have a pumpkin I’m sure you’ll have so much fun doing this!

4- Dress up.
Who said that you have to go to a party to dress up and put on make up?
Grab some make up, watch a tutorial, put up some music and the magic starts. You do you! You an be whoever/whatever you wanna be on Halloween so if that is what you wanna do go for it.

5- Pamper yourself.
I you do not wanna have a busy night just relax! Start planning your pamper night. The best thing you can do is to be relaxed so take a hot bath, do a face mask and drink hot tea! A good pamper night never fails to make a girl happy!

I’m so excited to cosy up with a cup of tea and watch a scary movie! What are your plans for this evening?? Let me know down below.

Happy Halloween! May you night be full of spookiness xx

Love Mary.



  1. I haven’t tried carving a pumpkin! I hope I’ll be able to do that someday 😀 I don’t like watching scary movies because they’re the kinds that I easily remember and dream about. But I love Halloween-related movies that aren’t too scary like Casper and The Corpse Bride! 🙂

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